Fairly Positive

Dev8D: Call for Help!

I’ve just put the following plea for help on the dev8D wiki:

I’m currently working on a small project that merges some of my current interests: SPARQL and developing Mac applications with Cocoa and Objective-C. The application … currently called Linked Data Viewer … allows you to query SPARQL endpoints. I’d love to speak to the following people about the project:

  • Developers or others who write SPARQL queries. What type of things would you find useful if you used this type of application? Syntax highlighting? Query history?
  • Any experts in User Interface design who could make suggestions on making an intuitive interface.
  • Any developers familiar with Cocoa. I’ve got some experience of writing native iPhone applications but very little Mac development experience.
  • Can you think of a better name for the application/project?

I’ll be at the event on on Friday and Saturday :-)