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Introducing ... Glint

Glint is a Mac application for querying SPARQL endpoints. At the moment, it has a number of features:

  • Store the location of SPARQL endpoints
  • Syntax highlighting for queries
  • View the results of a SELECT statements in a table, or view the results as XML or JSON
  • View the results of DESCRIBE and CONSTRUCT queries as RDF/XML, Turtle or N3
  • Export the results to file
  • Ability to receive automatic updates to the application

Why the name Glint? SPARQL sounds like sparkle, and a glint is like a sparkle. I think its better than the previous name for the project … LinkedDataViewer.

The project represents a merger of some of my professional and personal interests: the Semantic Web, SPARQL endpoints and developing Mac application with Objective-C and Cocoa. Basically, I wanted to write a Mac desktop client that allows me to query SPARQL endpoints. It is also provides a refreshing anthesis to my main development skills and focus at the moment, namely Java, web applications and the Mobile Web.

A lot of the projects I’m involved with in the Web Futures team at the Institute of Learning and Research Technology (ILRT) use Semantic Web technologies and we are starting to use SPARQL endpoints more in our projects. The development on Glint is partly associated with the ResearchReveal project, albeit most of the work is happening (rather slowly) in my own time.

The project is still in the early stages and I would appreciate any comments, criticisms and suggestions for features that should be supported. Providing a history of queries is pretty high on the list of new features.

The latest DMG can be obtained from the project page on GitHub.

SPARQL query in Glint

Tabular results in Glint