Fairly Positive

Currently Working on ... M-biblio

At work I’m currently working on the JISC funded m-biblio project. The project started in November and runs until the end of July. The aims of the project are fairly ambitious considering the time and effort available:

“We propose to enhance the learning and research activities of the University of Bristol’s academic community by developing a mobile application that can record and organise references to books, journals and other resources. These references can be added actively by scanning barcodes and QR codes, or passively by automatically recording RFID tags in items being used for study and research. With permission of the user, the application will submit anonymous usage data to their library. This innovation will provide library staff with a valuable set of user-derived usage statistics. It will be able to track which resources were used, and where. The library will therefore be given a rich seam of usage patterns, including data about library items that are often confined to branches such as periodicals, journals and reference books. The application will be made available to the wider FE/HE community for use in other institutions.”

We were hoping to be able to read the library’s RFID tags with NFC capable phones, but this isn’t possible due to the way the tags are encoded. I’m currently focussing on adding telepen decoder support to the ZBar bar code reader, so we can scan library barcodes via the phone’s camera. Telepen is the barcode format used by the library. My C is very rusty but I’m plodding along … who new bit twiddling could be so much fun? :)