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Exploring the Internet of Things: Creativity and Learning

Last Thursday (6th September, 2012) I was lucky enough to attend the first of three workshops on Exploring the Internet of Things: Creativity and Learning. The event was organised by Sarah Eagle and the first workshop was facilitated by Karen Abadie, Steve Bullock, Peter Bennett with support from from members of Bristol Hackspace.

The purpose of the workshops are “to explore the relationships between creativity, informality, and future forms and uses of hardware and software …” with a mix of practical and abstract/theoretical sessions. The first workshop was a hands-on session where we got to play and explore the Arduino. A number of exercises were provided to give a taste of what is possible with the Arduino. I teamed up with Emma Weitkamp from UWE and we eventually created the (rather silly) Cake O’Meter:

Our neighbours created the amazing DJ Shadow and other participants created equally interesting items.

The day ended with some discussion about the types of teaching and learning and issues around privacy and security when things are connected to the internet.

I’ve dusted of the Arduino I bought a couple of years ago and have started experimenting with it again. I’m also looking forward to the next workshop.