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Working With TerminalFour SiteManager

The University of Bristol has recently bought a license for TerminalFour’s CMS product called SiteManager. SiteManager is used in a number of HE institutions and we will be using it to replace our current Plone implementation. I’m working on a project that is focussing on making sure our SiteManager implementation can support the production of the undergraduate and postgraduate prospectuses (online and print).

The SiteManager product is a Java web application that sits upon a relational database and a filesystem. Terminal four provide an API for extending the functionality of the product. Documentation for the API is just a JavaDoc, but I did attend some excellent training by Paul Kelly, Terminal Four’s Software Architect, a few months ago.

I’ve decided to blog about how we are using the API in case other people find it useful. Since it is a commercial project I was worried that TerminalFour might object to code snippets of their API appearing on a public blog, but I contacted them and they are happy for me to go ahead.