Fairly Positive

A Quick Tour of PET

This is a quick tour of the Prospectus Editing Tool (PET) that I’ve been working on at the University of Bristol.

The application is designed to support the production of the 2015 (and future) online and print prospectus. It provides a tool for the Student Recruitment department to manage the process via a workflow and web-based forms for academics to add and update subject and programme information.

The application uses Sitemanager, our new web content management system, as a content store. It uses Activiti, a Business Process Management (BPM) platform, to support the workflow.

When a member of staff logs into the application they see a dashboard with any tasks that have been assigned to them. The screenshot below shows a single task that is available for me to action. I’m logged in as an adminstrator so there are a number of admin-based functions related to the system (Roles Management, Cache etc.), but an academic will see a much more focused page with just the list of available tasks and the ability to create a new programme.

PET Homepage

The programme details page is divided into a number of tabs including general programme details (name, award type, programme length), typical offer details (A-levels and other qualifications needed) and information that either appears online or in the print version of the prospectus.

Programme details

It is also possible to see the CMS version history for the content that represents a programme and subject, allowing you to see who made edits and what changes were made.

Content versioning

There is still plenty of development to be done, including support for postgraduate programmes. Also, we also duplicate data that is available (or will be available) in other systems. As the University undergoes a process of identifying ‘master data’ sources further development will remove duplicate data and will pull it from authoritive sources.