On my team’s blog I’ve written about an plugin I wrote for the Oxygen XML editor to help with handling regnal dates in TEI/XML.

I’ve been lucky enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Beyond 2022 project. I’ve been helping historians and archivists on the project develop a TEI/XML schema that will be used to encode a modern English translation of original Latin documents. These documents include receipt rolls from the Irish Exchequer, something I’m familiar with after working with Prof. Brendan Smith at the University of Bristol. Part of the encoding includes marking up dates in the documents in a format that can be read by computers, and this blog post describes how I wrote a plugin for the Oxygen XML editor in collaboration with Dr Elizabeth Biggs, a researcher at Trinity College, Dublin, and The National Archives (UK), to make this process easier and less error-prone. It is a nice example of how a Research Software Engineer can make a positive contribution to a Digital Humanities project.

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